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Here's what people are saying....

"We highly recommend The Write Turn to support your child's learning needs. Our daughter gained confidence and skill execution from the tools learned. Thank You Dr. Sherman."

---Renee P.

"The Write Turn has been an excellent resource. Cindy is very responsive, easy to work with, and tailors the program to the specific needs of your child. Our son has benefitted from one-on-one sessions, as well as the Summer 2-week program. He has so much more confidence about his writing. He recently completed his NaNoWriMo project and even exceeded his word goal! It has been such a joy to see him eager to write. Thank you for all your help and encouragement, I know it has made a tremendous difference."


"Both Anna and Maddie improved considerably on their Lexile test each improving by 200+ points."

---Anita - parent of a 5th and 8th grader

"Writing was considered [my son’s] weakness and this year teachers commented that writing was his strength."

---Rajeev - parent of a 9th grader

"My son is a good student but was an average writer. The difference in his writing in just two weeks was incredible. My husband and I couldn't believe the improvement from his first essay to his last. It was absolutely amazing."

---Cynthia - parent of an 8th grader

"My son took Dr. Sherman's writing class 5 years ago and still uses the strategies he learned back then. We saw immediate improvement in his writing following the summer session and he continues to be a really good writer."

---Dave - parent of a current 10th (student of ours in 5th grade)


"Students were noticeably more able to carry out writing and revision tasks at the end of the instruction compared to the beginning of instruction. Additionally, students in this academic year were more able to carry out these tasks than were students who did not receive the instruction last academic year."

---Brian - 6th grade teacher

"I do feel that the procedures we used made the writing process easier for my students...In the past, little time had been spent on teaching specific skills."

---Karim - 7th grade teacher


"After the third session, my brain just went [boom and opened up]."

---Philip - graduate student at Johns Hopkins

"Dr. Sherman, look what I wrote! How am I doing this?"

---Russell - 4th grade student

"This method has helped me because now I know what to do when I am stuck. It made writing faster and easier."

---Sophia - 6th grade student

"This was helpful because I didn't know how to revise my essays that well. This method has changed the way I feel about writing."

---Michelle - 7th grade student

"[This method] made it easier for me to put my thoughts on the paper. I [also] thought revising was kind of boring, but when I found out that it could make my stories better, I did a lot of revising."

--Irina - 8th grade student

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