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The FIX Strategy Writing Program

Subscriptions are now available to schools, teachers, speech-language pathologists, and tutors. Subscription includes a live and/or recorded webinar, interactive notebooks at a discounted price, and access to online materials and lesson plans.

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The Write Turn® provides evidence-based strategies and explicit instructional techniques that guide students through the writing process (brainstorming, organizing, writing and revising); a process that exceeds a typical writer’s workshop. Strategies include The Write Turn’s FIX Strategy for revising and self-regulation, which helps students make "meaningful changes" that improve the quality of their stories and essays. Students consistently benefit from this explicit instruction as they learn to internalize these strategies and incorporate what they’ve learned into the classroom curriculum.

Explicit Strategy Instruction

Students are introduced to strategies that improve the quality of their writing through:

  • Planning, writing, and revising skills (The FIX Strategy)
  • Brainstorming, categorization, and organizational skills
  • Language processing skills that improve sentence/paragraph writing
  • Annotating text and writing more detailed and complex topic sentences
  • Sentence-combining & writing grammatically correct sentences
  • Internalizing writing, revising, and self-regulation strategies
Interactive Notebooks

Students implement these writing and revising strategies with greater ease and fluidity through The Write Turn's first-of-their-kind interactive notebooks. These notebooks give teachers, tutors, and speech-language pathologists a unique platform to collaborate with students while providing explicit writing instruction; both in person and remotely. The notebooks are designed to encourage more self-regulation (goal setting, self-instruction, self-monitoring, self-reinforcement) as students plan, writing and revise their compositions.

The Write Turn Notebooks

Teachers, tutors, and speech-language pathologists can choose from the introductory notebook which provides students with pre-writing strategies and introduces them to strategies for every genre (stories, expository essays, persuasive essays, and informative essays). Interactive notebooks with specific genres provide scaffold instruction and can be used until students become independent.

Yearly Subscriptions

The Write Turn provides teachers, tutors, and speech-language pathologists the tools they need to help their students become more proficient writers. A one-year subscription includes:

  • A live and/or recorded webinar provides:
    • Explicit strategy instruction for revising and self-regulation (The FIX Strategy)
    • Explicit strategy instruction for brainstorming and categorizing ideas
    • Explicit strategy instruction for annotating text and using annotations in essays
    • Mnemonics and graphic organizers that help students transform their ideas into detailed sentences and paragraphs
    • Hands-on training and worksheets for every genre (narrative, explanatory, persuasive and informative)
  • Designated number of interactive notebooks
    • Your choice of any of our six notebooks
  • Access to online material
    • Detailed lesson plans that meet the Common Core State Standards
    • Do Now activities
    • Worksheets
    • Video tutorials
    • Link to submit questions
    • Additional interactive notebooks at a discounted rate
    • Listing on the website’s directory
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