At The Write Turn® we specialize in providing explicit strategy instruction in written language. Students of all achievement levels — high performing students to students with learning differences — are benefiting from our evidence-based writing program. We also service students with expressive and receptive language delays and language-based learning deficits that affect reading and spelling.
2024 Summer
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20 hours of specialized and explicit instruction in a researched-based
writing program .

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An overwhelming majority of students are writing at or below a basic level. Writer's Workshops tend to only benefit average- and high-achieving students. Written language is a difficult skill to teach because it is the most complex form of communication. At The Write Turn® we use evidence-based approaches that guide students through the writing process and significantly improve the quality of their writing.

Reading & Spelling

Language-based learning disabilities affect reading, spelling and writing. This has nothing to do with being smart. Most individuals diagnosed with a learning disability have average to superior intelligence. At The Write Turn®, we provide a proper diagnosis, early intervention, and strategies in research-based reading methods that address the fundamental skills of decoding, encoding, auditory processing, code knowledge, and sequencing.

Expressive & Receptive Language

When a child has difficulty understanding others (receptive language), or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings (expressive language), he or she has a language delay or disorder. Speech-language pathologists play a critical role in evaluating students and providing the necessary services and support for families and children with language impairments.

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