The Write Turn - Summer Writing Sessions

Strategy Instruction in Writing

Effective strategy instruction can minimize resource demands by explicitly scaffolding components of the writing process — planning, writing, and revising. Our unique writing program was developed through years of research and implementation and provides that strategic instruction.

The program incorporates language processing skills, the FIX Strategy (a research-based revising strategy), and self-regulation strategies designed for students of all ages, regardless of their achievement level. The FIX Strategy instruction provides the building blocks and tools students need to improve the quality of their essays and to become successful writers.

Summer writing sessions provide 20 hours of specialized and explicit instruction in a researched-based writing program that goes beyond a typical writer's workshop. Students are introduced to strategies for every genre (narrative, expository, persuasive, informative). These strategies help improve:

  • Planning, writing, and revising skills
  • Working memory
  • Language processing and visual imagery skills that improve sentence/paragraph writing
  • Brainstorming, categorization, and organizational skills
  • Annotating skills for more detailed and complex sentences
  • Sentence-combining and writing grammatically correct sentences
  • Self-regulation skills to internalize strategies: self-statements, self-reinforcement, self-monitoring, and goal setting

Small group sessions (4:1 student to teacher ratio) are offered at a group rate of $825.00/student. All instruction is provided by licensed speech language pathologists.

All students must be fully vaccinated to attend in-person.

Session Date Time
Registration Opens January 2023
Registration Opens January 2023
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